Our Licensed Customs Broker

Kim Grizzard has many years working in the Customs brokerage, import regulation consulting and international transportation field. After studying hard, she passed the Broker’s licensure test and was awarded her US Customs Broker License in 2010.

During Kim’s early career days, she worked for a small Customs Brokerage and Consulting company in Atlanta, Georgia. Kim started as an Import Specialist and worked through the ranks to finally become the Director of Import Operations. Over the next 10 years, she learned the many nuances of Import regulation & Customs clearance. The knowledge gained from this role landed her the opportunity to become General Import Freight and Customs Compliance Manager at an Atlanta based NVOCC & Customs Brokerage. Here, Kim put her Broker’s License to good use by overseeing the daily operations of the Customs Brokerage and importer compliance. She also gained knowledge of moving freight as an NVOCC while managing the Import Operations team. The everyday challenges of finding creative solutions to international transportation and Customs compliance gave her the ability to handle all aspects international transportation, from A to Z.

With these acquired skills and talents, she landed the once in a lifetime opportunity at JZI Global Supply Chain. As the on staff Licensed Customs Broker, she oversees the development of the Customs Brokerage Operations while maintaining the strict US government compliance. JZI Global Supply Chain and completing the supply chain network for The JZ Companies.